Our Services

Time Calls

You may prearrange your cab from your home, your work or your hotel. We appreciate two hours notice for a time call, but we will make every effort to accommodate shorter notice.

Time calls are available day or night, at 15 minute intervals (on the hour, 15, 30 or 45 minutes past the hour).

If you travel in cabs on a regular basis, for example, going to work every day, you can place a standing time call with one phone call. Tell us which days of the week you need the cab and at what time. No further action is necessary unless for some reason you won't need your regular cab. We do appreciate a cancellation call for any cab you won't need.

Because we can accommodate a limited number of time calls, you are encouraged to make them as early as possible (as much as a month in advance).

We are unable to take time calls from public places (restaurants, theatres, airport, bus station, etc.). We do have cab stands at the airport, the bus station and within 4 blocks of the train station. Calls from these locations are given priority by our dispatchers.

Package Delivery & Courier Services

It's over there... I need it here... FAST!

Give it a cab ride!

In this situation, you probably don't think of using a taxicab service, but apart from your own dedicated delivery personnel, there is no faster way to move a package or document across town or across the county.

Every day, Erie Yellow Cab transports essential materials and documents between businesses, hospitals, airports and individuals. We are experts, and we have taxicabs stationed all over the county. It is likely that there is a cab within 1/2 mile of your package right now.

Your phone, and an account with Erie Yellow Cab are all you need to get things started. We also accept major credit cards.

So, whether "it" is a package, a document or a client, call Erie Yellow Cab and make things happen fast.

Rooftop Ads

Erie Transportation Services has begun a new service to assist you in advertising at surprisingly affordable prices, but with great visibility. We are proud to introduce Illuminated Rooftop Advertising on our Taxi units.

Our vehicles travel, on average, 265 miles per day, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Your customer would not have to travel past a billboard on a main highway or past your place of business to see your sign. We travel throughout Erie County on main roads and side streets.

If you want to tell visitors to Erie about your restaurant, tavern, hotel or radio station, this is the medium to use.

This mode of advertising has proven very effective in cities of all sizes. These units can be seen all hours of the day or night. They are even more visible after dark.